Spiritual Life

It is our goal to instill in the hearts of our students a deep and sincere gratitude and love for Jesus Christ that results in a desire to serve and share that love with others. Students share this love first at home, extending through our HPA community into our local community and outwards to the world.

Prayer Life

As an intentional Christian institution, prayer is an integral part of everything that happens. Our desire is that prayer becomes a primary part of each student’s daily life. Therefore, every meeting and co-curricular event sponsored by Harvest Preparatory Academy begins with prayer. Staff enthusiastically embrace and support the primacy of prayer in our faith development and maturation. Therefore, whether in the classroom or elsewhere, our first action is always prayer.


Chapel is a time set apart for HPA students to participate in a worship environment, so that they can connect with God and grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Chapel is designed to create an “irresistible environment” where the topics, events, and overall Chapel experience are tailored to engage both students and faculty, affording them an opportunity to draw closer to God. The goal is to engage students so that they look forward to Chapel each week and come with the anticipation of experiencing God in a new and fresh way—an appealing, purpose-driven and motivational time of worship.

Students attend a weekly chapel, lasting approximately 30 minutes and strive to create a consistent environment filled with appropriate music, videos, and faculty messages that are designed to keep students engaged.