Harvest Christian Preschool

Harvest Christian Preschool is designed to work along side Harvest Preparatory Academy in laying a strong spiritual and academic foundation.  

The curriculum used helps to create a strong Biblical and Academic background that will serve aspreschool c a great starting point when they transition to the Academy.  if you have a child ages 6 weeks - 5 years we encourage you to place them into the preschool at an early age to assist with maximizing their learnig potential.

HCP knows God-fearing, Christ-serving children are our future. Our preschool program is designed to focus on the individual child and we know we are responsible for training our children to become leaders of tomorrow. We maintain a positive environment conducive to learning, optimal growth and the development of children. Such an environment creates a climate of high expectation for success, which will ensure the best preliminary education, offered in a Christian environment.


Our Goals and Philosophy are to provide an appropriate balance of opportunity for spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social aspects concerning the growth of the children. To develop the spirit, soul and body of the young. To implement continuous programs to maximize the children's ability to learn. And to work closely with the parents, students and community building relationships of trust with the school and throughout the community.


For more information  visit Harvest Christian Preschool online  or email us for more information.