Parent Teacher Fellowship & Volunteers

Parent Teacher Fellowship

Harvest Preparatory Academy wants to be a blessing to students and parents. We purpose to work together following the Lord’s direction. This can be done by parent’s prayers and support in practical ways. We strongly encourage parents and teachers to participate in the PTF because it is a vital necessity in the Christian education of our children. 

Parent Teacher Fellowship Meetings are placed on the Calendar of Events.

Our objectives are as stated:

  1. ptf 1 To acquaint both parents and teachers with the importance of recognizing and
    adequately coping with the emotional, spiritual and disciplinary needs of the students.
  2.  To provide the opportunity for parents and teachers to know and fellowship with each other.
  3.  To allow parents the opportunity to help in school. From time to time we will ask parents to assist teachers, the principal, students, and help in the building and grounds of the Academy.

Each family enrolled at HPA is an automatic member of the PTF. Parents serve in classrooms, participate on committees, plan events, and coordinate projects. This active involvement ensures the continued excellence of the academic and enrichment environments for our students.

Under the direction of the PTF, several parent-led committees work to implement each year’s plans. Some of our past and present programs and activities include:

  • Fundraisers
  • Family Focused Activities
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Talent Show
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Parent Focused Activities
  • Parent Nights
  • Student Focused Activities
  • Book Fair
  • Field Day
  • School Support Activities

ptf 2Our private Christian school offers significant opportunities for parents to make a difference in their children’s educational environment. The following positions are voted in annually:

Vice President

Committee members will be posted after our first PTF meeting.  Any parent can fill these positions. For more information about our PTF please contact us at

Parent Volunteer Program

The volunteer program is designed to get parents involved in their child’s school. You will be contacted during the school hours in reference to parent involvement, and other activities. If you would like to be a parent volunteer please email us.