Parent Covenant

All parents are expected to be active participants in their child's education.  Our parent covenant pledge ensures everyone has the same goals and vision regarding their parental responsibilities.

Regarding Parenting Responsibilities:

  • I/We will be active in my child’s educational growth. This will include homework assignments, special projects, signing all documents and ensuring it is returned to school.
  • I/We accept the responsibility of getting my/our child to school and special events.
  • I/We will support HPA’s effort toward fundraiser endeavors.
  • I/We will encourage my/our child to comply with all school regulations and standards (Ex: dress code, tardiness, and absences).

Regarding School Policies and Procedures:

  • I/We notify the school office immediately of any changes in address, phone number, employment or emergency numbers.
  • I/We agree to accept the responsibility for any damage done by my/our child at school.
  • I/We understand that HPA reserves the right to dismiss my/our child who disrespects the behavioral policies and academic policies.
  • I/We will support the spiritual training given to my/our child.
  • I/We are aware that during holidays and when there are extended school vacation times, the full tuition amount will be due.
  • I/We agree to pay my/our child’s tuition on time.