Moms In Prayer International

MOMS In Prayer International

MOMS In Prayer International (formerly Moms in Touch) impacts children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray.


What if you could change the world – not just for today but for generations to come? At Moms in Prayer International, we believe that a mom can be the single greatest force for good in the lives of her children and the children around her. We believe that lives and whole communities are changed forever when moms gather together to pray. Moms can make the difference – moms just like you.

The MOMS meeting is held at HPA. We believe in the power of prayer and encourage our mom's to join us in prayer for your children and our school.


Our purpose is:

  • To pray that our children will receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, then stand boldly in their faith.
  • To pray for teachers and staff.
  • To pray that teachers, administrative staff, and students would come to faith in Jesus Christ.
  • To provide support and encouragement to moms who carry heavy burdens for their children.
  • To pray that our schools will be directed by biblical values and high moral standards.
  • To be an encouragement and a positive support to our schools.

Please visit our calendar of events for the next HPA MOM's meeting date.