Academic Overview


Harvest Preparatory Academy offers an academic curriculum through the traditional approach, which is developed to provide students with the best possible program of studies. There is an emphasis on the mastery of the fundamental blocks of materials necessary for satisfactory achievement in these areas. Along with the acquisitions of facts and concepts in the areas studied, emphasis is placed upon the development and exercise of the powers of reasoning. Methods of teaching that are proven to be effective are utilized with a constant search for better methods. Realizing the difference in innate ability, we encourage and expect each student to perform to his/her maximum. We believe the traditional system of education best educates the mind and builds good character. It also encourages competition and teaches the value of living under a free enterprise system of government.


The outstanding Kindergarten reading program provides a great foundation for the future. Students learn to recognize and write the letters of the alphabet along with their sounds and begin reading by December. In addition reading, your child will learn to count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10-‘s to 100 and recognize the numbers before and after and other arithmetic facts. Children also develop valuable habits and social skills through daily experience.


Your child’s future academic success depends upon a solid foundation; HPA is equipped to provide a learning program with proven academic results. Our program is designed to challenge each student academically. Our students consistently score higher than the national average on standardized achievement tests.

Language Arts:

Elementary students will further their understanding of all language related areas.  The students will learn to speak in front of others, gain an increased knowledge of a variety of literature and further their knowledge of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and visual representation.


The students will focus on many areas of mathematics depending on their grade and ability level. The students will measure, learn geometric concepts, understand numeration and order and integrate language and math in the form of story problems. 


Elementary students further their explorations of the earth and the life on earth through various experiences in the life and earth sciences.  The students will understand the scientific method, learn animal and plant classifications as well as their growth patterns, learn about God’s plan and how creation is a part of that plan, gain an understanding of weather, the solar system and rocks and minerals. 

Social Studies: 

The students will continue to learn about the world and its history as well as geography.  The students will learn about the history and geography of the state of North Carolina, engage in research on other states and countries in the world, learn demographics of local, national and international regions.