Elementary 3rd - 5th Grade

Welcome to 3rd - 5th Grade!

Third through fifth graders become progressively more independent students as they becomecomputer b responsible for their work and actions, while developing good study habits. The curriculums are challenging and work to develop higher level thinking skills. The students thrive in the Christian-based curriculum which includes internet research skills, creative, persuasive, and expository writing, dictionary and thesaurus skills. Students receive weekly instruction in Spanish, music, art, character development, computer, and media. There is also a weekly chapel service.  Fourth and fifth grades prepare a science project each year for the school science fair. They also have the opportunity to have speaking roles in the school’s Christmas program.

Third through fifth grades each participate in community service projects and field trips each year. One such event is Pennies for Pasta which benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. HPA believes it is important to teach children to serve and to think of others.

Compare Harvest Preparatory Academy to other schools with our 3rd -5th Grade Check off List. If you have any further questions email us at: info@hpanc.org.